A Little Bit Psychic by Aimee Avery

I really wanted to mock this one.  It has 110 pages, and the cover makes it look like it’s written for 12-year-olds dreaming of high school. Elizabeth Bennet has psychic powers.

Alas, it hardly seems fair to mock a book I so enjoyed. The Bennets are American. They know the Darcys through work. Little girl Elizabeth has her first psychic vision—of herself as a princess being rescued by a handsome older prince—but in the first sexual psychic vision to which we are witness, it becomes clear that this is not a book for 12-year-olds, no matter how precocious they are.

So then, it must be for people like us. Those of us who know Pride and Prejudice will take delight in a character named Caroline Younge, who seems to combine the traits of Miss Bingley and Mrs. Younge—but then who so, doesn’t. (Twist not to be ruined here by me, but twist there is). We will enjoy seeing the same scene first from Elizabeth’s and then from Darcy’s (here, Will’s) point of view.  Figuring out who Wickham is (or ARE) is fun, and Avery makes the choice to have Elizabeth confide in people she doesn’t in P &P (first Jane, which is such a relief to any reader who desperately wants Elizabeth to tell Jane what happened, and later to a person who is surprisingly lucid—again, won’t ruin it for you!). This book names Mrs. Bennet, Fanny (we’ve seen that before—because it’s so silly to name a child after a posterior?) and Mr. Bennet, Tom.

(Side note: I suspect the author has seen Bride and Prejudice: Georgiana is Georgie, and Darcy is Will. Wickham impregnated, rather than just seduced, a young Georgie.)

At 110 pages, the story moves rapidly. Within the span of a few pages, our characters experience police stations, mansions, and shopping dates with future sisters-in-law. There are descriptive sexual scenes, many “visions,” and touching family interactions. Possibly the only less than delightful moments are the ones in which Avery has our characters watch Jane Austen adaptations on the BBC or Will take a snapshot of Elizabeth putting her hands in concrete Colin Firth handprints. There’s no logical way these characters could be watching their own story unfold—with characters sharing their very names—without understanding they are what they read or see. These details could have been eliminated, and we’d have a near perfect (several typos in my copy aside) 109 page treat for an evening in.

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